Smokers Now Have an Environmentally Friendly Smoking Solution with the Ecig Brand Starter Kit

Yes, lots of smokers find it difficult to quit their habit, and no matter how hard they try just can’t. Nonetheless their doctors have told them they most give up the harmful ingredients in tobacco, and now they have an alternative solution with the Ecig Brand Starter Kit.


Garden City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- The Ecig Brand Starter Kit is an alternative solution for smokers who refuse to quit smoking, but want to avoid the many toxic ingredients in tobacco. With the look and feel of regular cigarettes, Electronic cigarettes allow the same stimulation from inhaling and exhaling. The big difference is they are not consuming thousands of toxic ingredients found in tobacco into their bodies.

In addition to the effects of nicotine, smokers derive pleasure from the hand to mouth motion, which doubly makes it so difficult to quit smoking. As children we learn to put things in our mouth as we develop the habit of feeding ourselves. This is why smokers often complain about weight increases after quitting, because they substitute food for the cigarettes to continue with the same hand to mouth motion.

“Two years ago, I stopped smoking and started to use electronic cigarettes. For thirteen years I smoked cigarettes, and every time I attempted to quit, I always found myself buying just one more pack and smoking it. Finally, my sister took pity on me and bought me an electronic cigarette, and insisted I use it. I took her advice and since then have not bought any cigarettes, and now only smoke ecgis.” – June Spindle

The Ecig Brand is like a little miracle from heaven, and simply perfect for smokers who don’t want to give up their daily habit to experience the pleasure of oral stimulation. Ecigs will produce a vapor when the smoker inhales on the device. This allows the smoker to experience inhaling and exhaling.

Fortunately, the huge difference is that the vapor from the ecig is harmless. Upon inhalation, the smoker receives nicotine, and upon exhalation there is no smoke, but only a fine mist of water vapor.

It’s true that people who want to quit smoking can stop by using ecig as a smoking cessation device. The electronic cigarette has only been around a short time, and as a smoking cessation product has already beaten the patch and the nicotine gum in effectiveness. It’s a great aid to help people quit the habit once and for all.

About The Ecig Brand Starter Kit
The Ecig Brand Starter Kit is the best site for all information about Ecig where smokers can share their views and success stories to help others quit smoking. The site also offers free trial of Ecig brand starter kit for a limited period.

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