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Smoking Becomes a Drag for Pennsylvania Hospital Employees, Switch to Optima Cigs


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Geisinger Health System, a hospital in Pennsylvania, has announced it will no longer hire smokers and require employees to pass a nicotine test. There are 19 other states that currently hold similar requirements for their employees. Optima Cigs is a not only a smoke-free but also a better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and can potentially help employees wean off traditional cigarettes.

Optima Cigs uses advanced technology to give smokers the same smoking experience one would receive with traditional tobacco cigarettes, except without the flame, ash, tar, carbon monoxide, and horrible stench. Optima Cigs are free of tobacco, which means no harmful carcinogens that are typically found in tobacco products. Since there is no smoke, there’s no offensive second-hand smoke, allowing a safer, cleaner environment for both you and those around.

According to CNN, those who test positive for nicotine will be offered help to quit smoking and an opportunity to reapply in six months. Existing employees will be grandfathered in under the new policy; smokers currently employed are not at risk of losing their job. This would be the perfect opportunity for such employees to give electronic cigarettes a chance by purchasing Optima Cigs.

"Not only do we want to practice what we preach, but we also want our employees to feel healthy, we want our patients and visitors to feel that they are in a healthy environment. So it's an overall commitment to the well-being of all those people," said a spokeswoman from the hospital.

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