Smoking - Now with a Difference, E-Cigarette Is the New Alternative


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Cigarette – the word itself builds picture in your mind which is filled with smell and smoke. Cigarettes are banned in all public places, and one always has to find a nook and corner to smoke and get his desire through. Cigarettes are smelly and may drive some of your friends away from you, leaving you with a distinct odor and above all humongous health effects which are irreversible.

But now this addiction has an alternative which is similar to the conventional, but is a healthier version of the normal cigarettes. The alternative is called E- cigarettes. E- Cigarettes have been in the market for few years and have become very popular. Now let us raise the million dollar question, why should anyone opt for E- cigarettes?

There are several points to consider E – cigarettes
- The E Cig does not contain the same level of harmful toxins that are present in conventional cigarettes. E- cigs delivers smoke in vapor form and practically is a healthy alternative.
- As mentioned earlier, conventional cigarettes are banned in almost all the public places and one has to take a quiet sneak for smoking. But E- cigs are allowed everywhere and there’s no need for you to find smokers zone. Just stay wherever you are and enjoy your smoke.
- E- cigs mimic the same hand to mouth motion and the smoker does not realize the difference between the two cigarettes. In fact it could also be a stepping stone towards quitting smoking.
- E- cigs are in, many of the Hollywood celebs have switched to e- cigs and yes it’s cool. David Letterman, Mel Gibson, Danny Bonaduce and Johnny Depp all are into E- cigs.

The question arises how and where do you get these E- Cigs?
Don’t worry and these will be delivered to you right on your doorstep. Just log on to and you can order you E- Cigs. To compel you to buy the starter kit, they have an offer where you can order the starter kit free of cost!! Just cover the shipping charges and get your kit for free.

They taste, feel and look just like a real cigarette. Again the advantages are just more than the amount you will spend with a numerous advantages. No yellow teeth, no odor from clothes or mouth, smoke just anywhere whether indoors or outdoors. Never compromise on your craving, get you dose in a healthy way!!

E- cigs is the way to stay in and extremely stylish. Do not lose your charm – just lit an E- Cig.

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