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E-cigarettes are the most revolutionary new products in the market and any user is liable to get confused among the huge variety of new brands launched every day without reliable reviews online.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- E-cigarettes are devices that simulate the experience of smoking and are a great tool to try for smokers who are trying to kick the butt or reduce their smoking frequency considering its harmful effects on general health.

With the rapid growth of this industry new brands of e-cigarettes are being launched almost every day and for a new or seasoned user it is extremely difficult to differentiate between the various brands. This is when reputed review sites are useful. They lead a user to find the best electronic cigarette available in the market.

Most of the brands can be classified into two categories – the no nicotine e-cigs and those that give a choice to the user between the nicotine and nicotine variants. A good review site will have a balanced review of all variants of an e-cigarette brand and the features of the e-cig will be well-elaborated upon to give the user a fair idea about its suitability for him/her.

The review done by an expert from the industry on a good web site would be the outcome of personal experience as well as substantial market research as opposed to incomplete and unreliable reviews elsewhere. The website will contain individual reviews of all major electronic cigarette brands and will deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each in detail.

The experts would elaborate on factors like throat-hit and the extent if the effectiveness of the smoking simulation created by each reputed brand. The review would elaborate on vapor strength and flavors available and their effectiveness. The efficacy of the battery and the atomizer- the two major components of an e-cig is also done carefully by the review experts so that their clients are directed to choose only the best brand that offers quality and longevity. Other factors considered are the design and appearance of the e-cig.

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