Smoking Electronic Cigarette Plans Controversial Electronic Cigarette TV Advertising Campaign plan to run a TV advertising campaign that challenges the UK’s ban on tobacco advertising while promoting the benefits of electronic cigarettes to the general public


Birmingham, Worcestershire -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Cigarette advertising has seen a major downturn in the UK since it started to become regulated, being banned from general advertising in February 2003. Since then, it has been banned from sponsorship of sporting events, and even advertising in pubs, clubs and shops. With the public smoking ban now in effect, many are looking for alternatives to traditional cigarettes, and companies manufacturing electronic alternatives are controversially not banned from advertising in the same way that traditional tobacco products are. Smoking Electronic Cigarettes aim to become the second UK company to launch TV advertising later this year.

The company create electronic cigarettes that use a battery powered system to release water vapour containing nicotine through a delivery device virtually identical to a real cigarette while offering far greater value for money and the ability to inhale them indoors, circumventing the ban on smoking as well as advertising.

Though the adverts will still come with some restrictions, the obvious advantages are sure to be enough to attract new customers. The company cannot sell them as an aid to quit smoking, promise health benefits or claim they are a nicotine replacement therapy. Rather, they are a technological alternative to smoking that has none of the disadvantages of tobacco.

A spokesperson for Smoking Electronic Cigarette UK explained, “We will be advertising our Life Starter Kit on Television soon, which provides everything someone might need to make the permanent change from traditional combustible cigarettes to their cleaner electronic variant. We understand the campaign will cause some controversy because of the ban on traditional cigarette advertising, however we believe electronic cigarettes offer many benefits over traditional cigarettes and we feel we have a responsibility to promote these advantages to smokers. Our Life Starter Kit is the perfect product to advertise at will appeal to a lot of smokers. The Life Starter Kit includes two e-cigs with two long life batteries, a USB charger, and thirty refill tips that amounts to one thousand two hundred cigarettes worth of nicotine, resulting in a massive consumer saving over typical cigarettes. As soon as they reach the mass audience of TV viewers, they will sell themselves.”

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