Smoko Inc Launches Its New Portable Handwarmers on Kickstarter


Inglewood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Tato handwarmers, a kickstarter project that aims to keep hands warm while typing or playing video games. It gets pretty hard to type if office workers can’t stop their hands from shaking because of the cold weather. Add a busted heater to the mix and they got themselves a recipe for disaster filled with mistyped letters and error-filled documents. So why not get a pair of these adorable handwarmers that will keep their hands warm and comfortably toasty? Same goes for the gamers who play video games in their freezing basement. Simply set the handwarmers to desired temperature, then slip hands into the ‘slices’ of toast and type away.

Smoko Inc's popular USB Handwarmers were a big hit in the gadget market the last few years, and they hope to improve the user experience by making these handwarmers wireless so that users are not bound to their computers. The larger version, the plush toast is designed for people to snug with, when sitting infront of a couch or laying on the bed.

At the moment, the portable handwarmers is listed on Kickstarter. This project is aiming to raise $50,000 to turn the prototype in a mass-produced consumer product. As the crowd-funding spree doesn't end until April 18th, there's every chance the company will reach its goal.

The portable handwarmers will retail for $65.00 when it's launched officially, but initial backers will be able to get one for much less by pledging funds now.

Check out how the fundraising is going over at Kickstarter. We'd certainly love to see this happen.

Media contact
Jeff Yen
Los Angeles, CA