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Avid Mobile Releases New Couponing Module


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- Leading mobile marketing experts AvidMobile are unveiling a new couponing module. This couponing module makes SMS based couponing more effective and easily accessible to a wide array of clients seeking new SMS and mobile E commerce solutions to a growing SMS marketplace. Effective integration of new text based advertising is a key component to the modern marketplace, and AvidMobile intends to show just how easy and effective their SMS couponing is with this new module.

While there are numerous ways to get a message out there with mobile web advertising, research consistently says one direct SMS communication is the single most effective method for achieving marketplace results. Customers who can read and easily access a text based coupon are more likely to use it than an email, app or site based coupon. This is even truer when considering that the majority of cellphone users still haven’t converted to smartphones, so text is the only sensible way to communicate directly to them.

SMS based couponing is not only more effective than mail couponing, with a near guarantee of potential customers opening and reading SMS based text coupons. SMS coupons offer another substantial advantage over standard paper coupons, in that they are entirely virtual objects with no printing or mailing cost, and no carbon impact for green conscious marketers and consumers. Many customers are much happier to receive a test based coupon they have in some way enrolled for than to receive an unsolicited eco-unfriendly paper flyer in the mail.

AvidMobile’s new couponing module offers the benefit of experience in major mobile marketing campaigns. After handling national campaigns for Pizza Hut and Rawlins avid redesigned and Avid streamlined their already exceptional SMS development strategy. With this new couponing module, capable of easily growing a large database of customers and preventing repeat hits on single use coupons.

The services AvidMobile offers don’t stop with SMS marketing. With an easy to understand and set up landing page service for out of the box coupons smartphone integration is only a step away. This allows a coupon link to be accessed via SMS, taking users to a landing page that clearly displays the coupon and terms. This simple to use and effective services are all easy to integrate with AvidMobile’s new all in one SMS Couponing Module.

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