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SMS Sheep Merges Mobile and Internet Technology to Add Another Wonder of the Digital Age with Free International Text Messages


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- grants free sms through a user friendly layout designed to get messages delivered with no delay. Now business contacts, friends and relatives abroad are within reach even during the busiest of days.

Using SMS Sheep is a convenient way to communicate no matter the circumstances. There is no need to meticulously plan a phone call around time differences because a text message is accessible to anyone at any time. The fees associated with international texting are at least halved through use of the service, and there are no sign-ups or registrations.

Sharing time sensitive news should never be subject to a budget, and now it never will be again. The service covers countries all over the world, and can even be used for local communications. Those with "pay as you go" or other limited accounts are no longer beholden to the exorbitant costs incurred with their mobile phone providers.

Those without mobile phones are granted an ease of communication not otherwise afforded. Additionally, SMS Sheep is fully integrated on Facebook which further simplifies contact with the world at large.

Some pleased users were happy to express their gratitude:

- "Excellent application!" -Yucatan
- "[Sent] from Uk to Thailand!"
- "Nice and useful," -Nepal
- "Sono Italiana. Grazie, SMS via Internet รจ bello [I am Italian. Thank you, SMS via Internet is lovely]"
- "Thank you, now I can send unlimited texts to all my friends in the Philippines!" -United Arab Emirates

The next time your flight is delayed, your meeting is cancelled, or a new family member is born do yourself a favor, save your money, and share the news with SMS Sheep.

About SMS Sheep
SMS Sheep's mission is to let people all over the world send free text messages,for free. SMS Sheep proudly serves thousands and thousands of people worldwide !