SMS Sheep

SMS Sheep (Offers Free Text Messages) Exceeds Usage Expectation for 2nd Quarter


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- In surge of consumer usage, SMS Sheep has announced 2nd Quarter 2012 customer software usage at highest point since inception. The SMS Sheep platform is the leader in online text and SMS text services, provided free of charges. Their services provide international texting ability to anyone using their services. All of these benefits are completely free to users, and require no sign up.

With the increase in usage, SMS Sheep has been able to keep all of their customers happy. A spokesperson for SMS Sheep had this to say about the recent customer increase, “We keep an eye on the amount of messages being sent, as well as to the uptime of the service and website. We are pleased to announce that in Q2, our customers experienced 100% uptime, with no service issues or complaints.” This comes at a time when their service is most heavily used. Cell phone companies are experiencing the opposite effect. A customer of SMS Sheep had this to say, “I wish my cell phone texts always went through. I get tired of resending texts.”

With the free text message service being used by so many new and repeat customers, opportunities are born for advertisers. SMS Sheep relies on advertising income to cover the expenses of maintaining the site and the service. With the increase in traffic, SMS Sheep has become a hot spot for new advertising. Online companies often seek banner space advertising from popular websites. Such is the case for SMS Sheep.

Customers that haven’t used SMS Sheep are encouraged to visit the site. Free text messaging, even international text messages, are completely free on the site.

The SMS Sheep website was created to allow people to send unlimited text messages to any mobile phone in the world. There is no need to register or provide any personal information. Sending messages is quick and easy and the website’s creators only ask that people spread the word about the website to their friends and family members.

Whether communicating with family or utilizing SMS Sheep for business purposes, SMS Sheep is a solid base for online text messaging. For more information, or to check out their site, visit