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Avid Mobile's New Pop up Notification Revolutionizes Smartphone Ecommerce


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- One major slipping point of modern e commerce is the link from app to browser. Customers who do access modern media advertising and SMS or app based advertising want it to be available quickly, cleanly and efficiently. Pausing to enter websites, create links and actually search the web is less convenient on a smartphone than on a tablet or home pc. Avid Mobile, leading SMS wholesaler, has unveiled a brilliant new solution to the changeover. A pop up icon that allows the business icon to be added as an app, that links directly to the business’ primary page.

This means that Avid Mobile has effectively bridged the gap between app and web page browsing in a simple, no nonsense and affordable manner. Clients can put any information they like on the website as normal and have it linkable as a simple app icon right on the home screen of their smartphone using customers. Event dates, social media, news, pictures and literally anything else the client wants on the mobile website itself is possible and with a single push button app interface that any modern customer can understand and use to easily connect to the business.

The advanced mobile website builder’s app functionality makes customers far more likely to venture to the website where the clients content to can the real work. At the same time it allows for users who casually view the website to, in essence, lock it in as if it were a standard app. This offers the additional marketing benefit of repetition. Users who regularly use their phone will regularly see the Clients Logo, and in turn click on it for more targeted content. This is just one more outstanding service offered by SMS wholesaler and the e commerce experts Avid Mobile.

For more information contact AvidMobile at 877-511-MOBI or visit their website at http://www.AvidMobile.com