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Victoria, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Whether working remotely using their Smartphones or on vacation across the country, people need to have uninterrupted full-access to their e-mail accounts. E-mail has become an essential part of day-to-day lives, especially for business people who require continual communication with their offices or e-mail users who depend upon it for social interaction.

Travelers and smartphone users alike often encounter problems sending e-mail while on vacation or from public locations like Internet cafes and public WIFI spots, interrupting their plans for staying connected while away. has emerged a solution for Send Mail errors and the related hassles e-mail users experience when attempting to send e-mail from locations outside of their ISP. The site provides in-depth reviews of the top public SMTP servers, guiding users to find the SMTP server help they require when they need it most. offers reviews all of the top service providers including SendGrid, SocketLabs, JangoSMTP and’s top pick SMTPGo. The reviews follow and conversational style and cover the history of the providers, the features of the service, customer feedback and most interestingly’s genuine feedback regarding the service. Unlike other sites gives negative feedback when it’s appropriate.

“If consumers can’t send e-mails from their laptop, PC/Mac, smartphone or iPhone or are traveling and need to get that important e-mail message delivered, they need to use a third party SMTP Server. is designed to connect consumers with the service that is suitable for their circumstances” explained the site spokesperson.

“We’ve reviewed every major SMTP service, so consumers can select the SMTP server help they need to achieve a service that works globally, allowing them to send e-mails from anywhere with consistently fast connection speed.”

The site has a plethora of other editorial content based in tutorial format. The articles guide visitors through common issues users have with SMTP servers.

About exists to solve the problems and hassles many travelers and individuals on vacation or away from the office experience sending e-mail from locations outside their ISP. The site provides user reviews for the top SMTP services available as well as extensive editorial content and tutorials designed to help consumer access the right SMTP server and learn how to use it to send e-mail from any location worldwide. Learn more at