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Smythe Jewellery Introduces Darth Vader Cufflinks at Special Discounted Rate for Members Only

Smythe Jewellery has introduced a fun novelty set of cufflinks, rendering Darth Vader’s iconic mask in high quality metal with a polished finish, at 25% less than the retail rate.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Jewellery has been used to adorn people of high status since the earliest civilisations, and in the 21st century it is more popular than ever, helping people accessorize their outfits, add glamour to their day and show off how valued they are by those who love them. Jewellery does not just come in the timeless variety, there are also fine adornments on the cutting edge of pop culture. Smythe Jewellery grants individuals access to great pieces at exclusive discount prices, and has just introduced a set of Darth Vader cufflinks for the best price available on the web.

The cufflinks are rendered in black metal and are fashioned in a perfect replication of the famous Darth Vader mask. Small, beautiful and a great conversation starter, these cufflinks are ideal for those who love the Star Wars universe and want both class and fun from their cufflink choices.

The Darth Vader cufflinks from Smythe Jewellery are available with a 25% discount, the best deal available anywhere online, and individuals can order them now, no matter where they are in the world, and receive a free gift when they sign up to membership of this exclusive discount club.

A spokesperson for Smythe Jewellery explained, "The Darth Vader cufflinks are beautifully rendered and provide an ideal accent to any formalwear or evening wear, helping individuals show a bit of character as well as class when dressing up for those important occasions. The mask itself is perfectly replicated in miniature, so is sure to please any fans of the classic films. This is just the first of a huge range of items that will double as both high fashion and premium memorabilia for film lovers and those with a finger on the pulse of pop culture. We can't wait to release more of what we have in store."

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