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SNAP! New Game Is Addicting, Challenging and Fun for the Whole Family

Staten Island native Donald James (Founder of Donald James Games) has created an exciting new board game that he says is guaranteed to bring hours of fun for the whole family.


Port Saint Lucie, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Donald James, CEO of Donald James Games is offering limited editions of his newest board game called SNAP! in an effort to lure manufacturers to launch the game nationwide.

The neighborhood kids always knew where to meet after school says Mr. James. “It was October 1959, and alongside the steps of my family brownstone, there was a dozen or more kids playing on the sidewalks everyday.” said Mr. James.

That game that was born on the streets of Staten Island, NY, has just been released by Donal James Games as a board game called SNAP!

SNAP! is a dice game that creates the excitement of real life sports by incorporating baseball and football with a board and the roll of the dice. Elimination is another game kids can play with a full SNAP! kit.

"This was Staten Island in the '50s, TVs were still a luxury for most families," said Donald."This was before push-button digital games. Back then, we had to use our imagination. We took an ordinary pair of dice and turned them into something we could play for hours. We even held World Series and Superbowl tournaments."

According to an article in Forbes, ( board games sales have been steadily increasing over the last decade.

In this article, Jim Silver, editor of was quoted saying that, “You can buy a great board game for under $20, and every time you play it, it’s a new game. This is a toy that can be played over and over again, so the consumer sees value in this type of purchase.”

Mr. James is now raising funds to make SNAP! a reality that can be enjoyed by board game lovers everywhere. He recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter to get the game mass-produced, and a few individuals can own a piece of history when they donate.

Mr. James commented, “I wanted to give something back to my donors, so when they contribute certain amounts, I’m willing to give them a special edition of SNAP! These will be limited, signed, first editions, and never offered again.”

SNAP! is three unique games wrapped up into one. Each game uses the roll of the dice to determine how a player will move. “It includes the element of chance, but there’s strategy built in as well,” says Mr. James.

SNAP! can be purchased through his Kickstarter campaign, where Mr. James is offering a limited of number of boxed sets to individual donors that help him launch his game into the marketplace. Donors can get these limited editions of Snap!, T-shirts, and more.

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