Snatch Adams Plans to Snatch Their New Songs for Upcoming Recording and Killer Shows

Canadian rockers Snatch Adams are promoting their latest self-titled EP and are currently writing more songs for upcoming recordings.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Hamilton, Canada rockers Snatch Adams—silly name aside—have been preparing for their pinnacle moment where recordings and live performances come together, hitting just the sweet spot of a band’s success.

Snatch Adams sounds like an alt rock band with a tinge of punk and a hint of pop punk, similar to later Blink-182. Snatch Adams’ musical influences lie with Weezer, Blink-182, System of a Down, Billy Talent and Jimmy Eat World, among others. They’ve been compared to Blink-182, and they actually played a Blink-182 tribute show in July at the Casbah in Hamilton.

The band came together when vocalist and guitarist Mike Cox and vocalist and guitarist Paul Hill, who both regularly jammed and wrote songs together, found drummer Steve Cascao, one of their high school friends. They found another friend, Kevin Miles, to play bass, and so, after many lineups for Mike and Paul, they finally found one that worked—and Snatch Adams was born.

The group has high hopes for their band, as any band would, but they take a more laidback approach and agree that they are content simply experiencing band life, such as, as they said in an interview with Jamie Gunner Smith, “The studios, the crappy shows in other cities that no one comes to, the bankruptcy, the smell of four dudes in a broken down van in the middle of nowhere. You know, the life.”

Part of the life of a band is to practice and record whenever they can. Snatch Adams has already released two EPs: their three-track demo The Coaster Chronicles EP (2012) and a self-titled EP in 2013. They feel that recording these two EPs is their greatest musical accomplishment to date, and they were indeed great accomplishments.

You can find their music in hard copies at their shows as they have not yet put their music for sale online. They will be creating a bandcamp account in the future where fans can purchase their music online.

Like a lot of bands, many of their songs have focused on failed relationships, but they have gone on to write about the topic in the most original way possible. As for their future songs, they will always be open to any inspiration that comes their way and won’t deny themselves any topics that might come up.

You can really hear the Blink-182 reference in their track, “All I Need,” which is fiery punk rock with throttling verses and a chorus that sits back and takes in heavy waves of distorted guitar. “Weekend Warriors” has a similar driving line in the verse that keeps the crowd moving until the chorus cheers, “This is our life, nobody said it’s right/Drink up, throw down, we’re kings tonight/You’ll get by cause you got friends/This 9 to 5, it never ends.” The continuous movement of their songs is indicative of their sound, one that aims to please the crowd and propel them to that place where great bands like them are headed.

In terms of shows, they’ve played a ton around Hamilton, their hometown, as well as other cities in Canada, including one show opening for a Los Angeles touring band called Sines, who were formerly known as Social Code. They are also proud to note that they headlined their second show ever and brought in more than 60 people, even though they were extremely new to the scene.

Instead of focusing on booking many shows in the near future, they are working on writing a few new songs. After that, they will work on booking weekend shows in several different cities, including major cities in Ontario and all the university cities, either every weekend or every other weekend.

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The Coaster Chronicles (2012)
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