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Sneaker Guru Launches Athletic Shoe Review Site SneakerTherapy.com


Maplewood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- The creator of the popular YouTube video series SneakGeekZ.tv announced today the launch of their brand new website SneakerTherapy.com. Founded by sneaker guru Carlos Sanchez, the new site is dedicated to all things sneakers and provides visitors with release dates of the newest models. The website also lists the latest prices of the most sought-after collectible sneakers, including the Nike Air Jordan Retro, the Jordan Retro 4 and the Nike Air Foamposite.

With almost 50,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 9.5 million video views, SneakGeekZ.tv continues to draw sneaker enthusiasts from across the globe. According to the channel’s founder Carlos Sanchez, given the popularly of SneakGeekZ.tv, the launch of SneakerTherapy.com was the next natural step.

Sanchez said, “For years, I have been providing people with pertinent information about the hottest sneakers on the market via my YouTube channel, SneakGeekZ.tv and website SneakGeekZ.com. I am thrilled to offer fellow sneaker enthusiasts even more detailed news and buying tips with the launch of SneakerTherapy.com.”

While some people see sneakers as just a comfortable pair of walking or sports shoes, an increasing number of individuals see them as highly coveted, valuable items and are willing to pay top-dollar to obtain them. Whether they are being purchased to be displayed as a collectible or will be worn as an accessory, the people who buy them see them as the ultimate symbol of fashion and stature.

Featuring detailed reviews of the most popular athletic shoes on the market, including the Air Jordan Retro IV, SneakerTherapy.com helps shoe aficionados understand the differences between sneakers and gives them a sneak peek at the soon-to-be hot-ticket items.

For those people just jumping into the sneaker craze, there is a lot to learn before starting a collection. It is important to understand which shoes are considered the most popular on the market, what older generation sneakers are valuable, how to properly care for and store the sneakers and what a good price is versus a bad price. Even more important, it is essential to know which sellers or re-sellers are legit and reputable and which ones are known for their faulty products.

SneakerTherapy.com provides a host of buying tips to help people know which sellers to avoid. Additionally, the site offers insight into how to find coupon codes and discounts on the most desired sneakers.

For more information, visit http://SneakerTherapy.com

About SneakerTherapy.com
Recently launched, SneakerTherapy.com was created by sneaker guru and founder of SneakGeekZ.tv and SneakGeekZ.com, Carlos Sanchez. The new site, along with Sanchez’s other sites, offer valuable advice, reviews, videos and posts on the release dates of sneakers and other sports shoe models. People can also find Sanchez on Twitter and Facebook under SneakGeekZ.