Sneaky Reviews Inc Gives Top Honors to V2 Cigs in Its Top Ten E Cigarettes List


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 --, a website dedicated in providing E Cigarette reviews, has recently published a top ten E Cigarettes list and has given V2 Cigs the number 1 spot. V2 Cigs has become one of the most famous E Cigarettes over the past couple of years, and concurs that the product is the best. is usually flooded with personal feedbacks from its visitors, making it one of the most popular E Cigarette review sites.

The media spokesperson of, Mr. Randy Bradford quoted on the top ten list, “We have provided many electronic cigarette reviews and have received great feedback from the visitors of our site. The reviews are based on in-depth analysis of the E Cigarettes by our professionals and are published keeping in mind that the visitors want to know why they should or should not buy the product. This top ten list was created after we reviewed nearly every available E Cigarette. Through relentless comparisons and inspections we have crowned V2 Cigs as the best E Cigarette.”

According to the company, the main reason for V2 Cigs top honors is the vapor production of the E Cigarette. The V2 electronic cigarette comes with a side button on the battery, this side button is used to get a thick drag when inhaling, informs the review. The review further elaborates that in a lot of E Cigarettes there is a significant delay in vapor production when inhaling the cigarette. Usually it requires two puffs to actually inhale the vapor which could be annoying, adds the review. The V2 Cigs does come in two types – automatic and manual, but the manual E Cigarettes, which is the one with the side button option is more preferable, concludes the review. also provides extensive information on E Cigarettes. People who are making a change from normal cigarettes to e cigarettes have praised the information and have said the site has helped them make the conversion. The site is not shy of feedbacks from its visitors and often these feedbacks are mini personal reviews of products from the visitors themselves.

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