SNES-Era Style Space Shooter 'The Fight for System Haven' Now on Kick-Starter with Playable Demo

Arcade combat and exploration gameplay inspired by Starfox, Outrun, Wario Land II


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2016 -- In The Fight for System Haven, players will take control of freelance 'trader' Mercy Jelani and fight through 50+ levels that demand quick reactions, strong shooting skills and an explorative eye; all set to the backdrop of a universe that is constricting, slowly eaten away at all sides by a mysterious darkness.

Players will guide Mercy through the universe both physically and morally. They will have the chance to test their skills as pilots and to exercise their freedom of choice to alter Mercy's path through System Haven. Having gained the attention of warring factions entirely concerned with self-preservation, players can choose to align or fight for those armies, or take key opportunities to change their direction entirely in order to pursue individual goals.

A variety of endings will reflect different moral standpoints; from the loyalist, through the true mercenary, to the anarchist.

The Fight for System Haven is a passion project by Sean Bamberger - a one-man studio with a history of PR, Production and QA testing work in the videogames industry, who has been spending the last couple of years becoming competent with the many differing aspects of game development. Having also written many press releases in his time, Sean Bamberger understands the importance of including a generic quote in case of press use:

"This game has been an idea in the back of my head for years; a desire to smash together my influences into a playable game that continues the same pedigree as those titles I admire greatly," Sean Bamberger states. "I hope that The Fight for System Haven kindles in others the same joy I have when playing fast, skill-based shoot-em-ups, and that I can go some way to recreating the same aesthetic that is so enamouring to me."

See the trailer here, and Kickstarter page here

About Sean Bamberger
Sean Bamberger has worked in various roles in the video games industry, including QA, production, and public relations. He's worked on projects with SEGA, Creative Assembly, LunchPR, Team17, Bethesda, Platinum Games, Codemasters, Vanillaware and more.

Contact: Sean Bamberger