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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2013 -- There are many people who want to keep a close eye on the activities of others. It could be parents, who want to know what their children are up to, or even employers, who are eager to see what their employees are doing. Most people feel that this is wrong; however, it allows people to prevent and stop many bad things from happening.

Sniperspy is the most effective PC monitoring software which has been created for the ultimate convenience of individuals all over the world. The software works remotely and can be easily installed within the computer of people who want to check on all the activities of other individuals. The two main features of the software are tracking and recording, which enables people to have a clear insight of the whole situation. The software can be conveniently and remotely installed from the internet by sending an email which includes a module.  Immediately after installation, the Sniperspy keylogger begins to work and allows people to view all the activities of children as well the employees in real time. What’s more is that people can also perform control commands, which is something rather impressive.

The most prominent benefit of the best keylogger is that it enables people to see what has happened on their PC when they were gone somewhere else. For those who are not aware, the spy keylogger breaks all kinds of firewalls without having to face any issue in the matter. The module records all the activities on the remote PC and is stored in the private control panel which is exclusively provided by the software company for people to check it from any other location of the world. Sniperspy records actual screenshots, website URLs visited, activities in Facebook and MySpace, keystrokes typed, exact location of the PC on a map, full chat transcription and applications run. It also has Live Features where you can view live the computer screen, keystrokes, browse the file system, download remote file and even restart or shutdown the computer.

The computer monitoring software is entirely secure to view at all times and people really do not have to worry about possible invasion of privacy. Moreover, people can also take screenshots of the activities in order to store them as proof for the future or for personal reasons. The software is surely one-of-a-kind and has captured the interest of millions of individuals in various parts across the globe. What’s more is that people can easily use any browser to view the information and activity logs whenever they want or prefer. The software is compatible with all browsers and can also be used on the mobile browser as well.

Sniperspy review given by experts and consumers which suggests how it can immensely help people in PC monitoring. Moreover, it can be uninstalled when people feel that its purpose has been fulfilled.

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