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Sno Shield Unveils Triangular Design


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Snow damage to the home is one of the biggest concerns that homeowners have in cold climates and much of that damage occurs when the snow starts to melt and slide off of the roof of the home. The products available from Snoshield, in the form of snow guards, fences and rails, are well designed to be reliable and provide the best coverage for the roof. The new triangular design of the snow guards from Snoshield are able to manage heavier loads than ever before, while maintaining their shape.

The snow guards from Snoshield are available for architects, roofers and homeowners through . Here customers will find a variety of designs and features to match their individual needs and provide the coverage for projects of all sizes. Professional roofers and architects will find that the more extensive protection provided by snow rails and fences are better for very large roofing projects, like those found on commercial buildings, while homeowners will find a variety of affordable snow guard options that are so easy to install that the homeowners can install the product on their own.

In addition to the design choices available, Snoshield has also made an effort to provide snow guards that will match the exterior of the home and not detract from the home’s natural appearance. Working in conjunction with professional roofers, Snoshield has developed Color Armor, a cover for snow guards with options to match the color of any existing roof. This color matching means that homeowners do not have to sacrifice beauty for safety. Homeowners can also rest assured that their snow guards will last a very long time because of the UV stabilizers that help to prevent color fading and the high quality virgin-grade polycarbonate construction.

Homeowners receive full service treatment from Snoshield throughout the lifespan of their snow guards, and customers who have issues will always be able to find support through . The new triangular design from Snoshield is one of the best ways that homeowners can save money during heavy snow storms, both in terms of damages and insurance premiums.

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