AmericasMart convention in Atlanta

Snomee Presents Collection of Snow Globe Gift Card Holders at AmericasMart


Ramsey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2013 -- Gift cards have always been popular, but how do you wrap a gift card so that it is a fun-to-open present? Snomee, the creative inventor of colorful snow globe gift card holders has the answer, and will be showing its entire collection of imaginative Snomee snow globes at the AmericasMart convention in Atlanta July 12-16.

Gifts cards for use at retail stores, restaurants, music and cash have become one of the most common and convenient presents in America. But in a world full of digitally delivered gifts and online gift certificates, it has become a bit impersonal. Generally, people prefer to receive physical gifts that have warmth and a meaningful message. Luckily, Snomee developed a concept to make gift cards more personal, attractive, and fun to open.

The Snomee is a bright colored snow globe that features a hidden pocket to hold a gift card and special note. Usually gifts cards are just ordinary pieces of plastic, but with a Snomee it becomes a unique present for birthdays, holidays or special occasions. Aside from its main function of delivering the gift card in a distinctive way, the Snomee also gives the recipient a physical present that he or she can keep for years. With the advent of Snomee, people now have a special way to send gift cards to loved ones.

Michael O’Sullivan, the company’s CEO, originally set out to reinvent the way gift cards are given for Christmas. The product was an instant hit. “Our Christmas Snomee gift card holders were so popular we decided we should design and produce snow globes that are meant for other seasons and occasions, too,” said O’Sullivan. “Before long we expanded our Snomee range to include Music Lovers Snomees, Fashion Snomees, Sports Fans Snomees and even Snomees for Mother’s day, birthdays and other special occasions.”

Snomee gift cards are affordable, too. For less than $20.00 the company will deliver a Snomee in a beautiful black gift box directly to your door with no shipping charge. If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive present that you can give to your loved one, make sure to consider Snomee.

Snomees for retailers and individuals can be viewed online at or visit the Snomee exhibition this week at the AmericasMart convention in Atlanta on the fifth floor of building 3 in booth #1315.

About Snomee
Snomee is the answer to this eternal gift-giving conundrum.

It offers a great new way to present gift cards and simultaneously deliver a keepsake that contains your own personalized message. It’s a constant reminder of the occasion that loved ones will be able to keep forever.

So who exactly is “Snomee”? Well the short answer is that Snomee is the brainchild of two people, sales and marketing director Michael O’Sullivan and creative chief Simon Roberts. However to really understand who Snomee is you’ve got to understand why we came together what it is we’re trying to achieve.

Both Michael and Simon share a passion for those precious gift-giving moments. We’ve all been there, that perfect moment when you give a gift to someone you care about- that moment of puzzlement as they try to guess from the shape of the package what’s inside, the excitement as they tear off the paper and finally that look of glee and surprise as they discover what they’ve received. There’s nothing in the world quite like seeing someone you love open and appreciate a gift that you picked out for them.

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