Snomee Snow Globe Gift Card Is Expanding

Snomee has today announced that the innovative and creative solution to giving gift cards as presents that was so popular over the Christmas season is set to expand beyond the holidays in 2013.


Ramsey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- If ever you have given a gift card as a present, you’ll know that there is a certain sense of disappointment associated with it. It’s not so much that the gift is not great; after all, a gift card is full of possibilities. The receiver can spend it on whatever they like, or even use it as a part-payment for something that is more costly than the sum received.

However, it cannot be denied that it’s just not so much fun to hand over a greeting card – even if it does have a gift card inside. In many cases, it can kind of give the game away about what your gift is too. A physical gift just has a lot more warmth associated with it when you give it, it delivers the message that more thought has gone into selecting the perfect present.

That’s where Snomee comes in. What they have created is a gift in itself, and it holds the gift card so that you can present a physical gift in addition to your greeting card. The Snomee is actually a fun snow globe, with a pocket to hold the gift card. The snow globe delivers a value in addition to a keepsake, it enables the gift card receiver to enjoy the same joy of receiving a gift as is experienced by a physical gift receiver. Finally, a unique way to give a gift card.

The Snomee snow globes contain seasonal dioramas featuring Santa Claus, Rudolph and have been kicking up their own festive snow storm when it comes to giving Christmas greeting cards. Christmas 2012 was a great season for the business and they expanded their customer base dramatically.

Today, Snomee, who has been offering their products online with free shipping, has announced that they are set to expand in 2013. They’re a fairly new company so the products have been based on the Christmas season; however there is much more in the pipeline for this New Jersey based business that has really made a creative impact in the Christmas gift ideas arena.

Michael O’Sullivan, the CEO of Snomee commented, “ We had such a busy Christmas 2012 season and our customers are looking for us to provide them with solutions beyond Christmas presents, they want year round gift card holders. We’ve got new products lined up for birthdays, Mother’s Day and a variety of other occasions. This is something that is also proving popular with corporations and businesses as part of their PR and marketing efforts.”

Michael went on to explain, “The success and consumer attraction to the Snomee is that it’s 3 gifts in 1. First it’s a snow globe, secondly it has a hidden gift card compartment for the gift card itself and thirdly, it’s a keepsake that can hold a personalized message from the giver. It’s an item that retains the pleasure of receiving a physical gift, and the excitement of not knowing what it is and that’s what our clients love! 2013 is going be our year.”

Snomee has creatively filled a gap that existed in the gift giving market by producing a gift card holder that can be retained as a keepsake. No mean feat! Watch this space to see what fresh ideas they release next.

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About Snomee
Snomee is the answer to this eternal gift-giving conundrum.

It offers a great new way to present gift cards and simultaneously deliver a keepsake that contains your own personalized message. It’s a constant reminder of the occasion that loved ones will be able to keep forever.

So who exactly is “Snomee”? Well the short answer is that Snomee is the brainchild of two people, sales and marketing director Michael O’Sullivan and creative chief Simon Roberts. However to really understand who Snomee is you’ve got to understand why we came together what it is we’re trying to achieve.

Both Michael and Simon share a passion for those precious gift-giving moments. We’ve all been there, that perfect moment when you give a gift to someone you care about- that moment of puzzlement as they try to guess from the shape of the package what’s inside, the excitement as they tear off the paper and finally that look of glee and surprise as they discover what they’ve received. There’s nothing in the world quite like seeing someone you love open and appreciate a gift that you picked out for them.


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