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Snomoette and the Glitter Fairies: Author Releases First Book About Snowmobiling for Children

Written by Dayette J. Zampolin, this imaginative and vibrant children’s story is also an ode to the author’s passion for snowmobiling in the majestic Catskill Mountains of New York. With advanced vocabulary to liven young minds, vivid graphics and a mystical slant, this will be a favorite of children and parents alike.


Downsville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Author, Dayette J. Zampolin, loves to write about her true passion, snowmobiling in the Catskill Mountains, where she lives in the heart of the Catskill Park Forest Preserve. She is committed to sharing the beauty of the landscape and the exhilaration of the sport with young readers and their parents.

‘Snomoette and the Glitter Fairies’, Zampolin’s second book, marries the fantastical world of fairies with the rugged and natural beauty of snowmobiling. The illustration background pages are graphics of photographs she created from real snowmobiling excursions, further strengthening the book’s colorful appeal and glowing realism.

“Snowmobilers can recognize actual landmarks on the trails they may have ridden,” says the author, “which adds an extra layer of fun to the book. A local artist professionally illustrated the characters, so every detail of the book is carefully designed for maximum enjoyment for readers of every age. I wanted to project how fantastic snowmobiling can be and introduce children to it while their imaginations are on overdrive. It gets them thinking and wondering – hey, maybe I could do that too!”


‘Snomoette and the Glitter Fairies’ is probably the only book about snowmobiling for children.

The snowmobilers and the fairies love nature, weather, fashion, anything that glitters, and finding new friends. The Campbell Mountain Glitter Fairies sleuth strange noises which leave tracks on the snowy trails. They don't know about snowmobilers, so when they finally encounter them, the snowmobilers look like they are part of the snowmobiles. Initially, the fairies attack with glitter ammunition. When the snowmobilers remove their helmets – the astonished fairies think they are taking off their heads - Snomoette explains to them that snowmobilers love nature, and that without snowmobiling, she would never have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of nature’s beauty. They all become great friends who look forward to meeting again when the next snowmobile season begins each year.

Since its release, Zampolin’s book has attracted rave reviews.

"Fashionable fairies of the forest and snowmobiles. Who knew they could come together in a delightful, imaginative little mystery appealing to children of all ages? Author, Dayette J. Zampolin does again what she did in her first book, ‘Sparkie Wyk’. She uses colorful wording and vivid illustrations to create a contemporary story that blends fantasy with reality. Her fondness of nature and snowmobiling is textured with descriptive, lovable characters, leading to an enjoyable reading experience for both parent and child,” wrote Arlene Colandrea.

‘Snomoette and the Glitter Fairies’ is available now at Snomoette’s eTrails: http://www.snomoette.com.

For Dayette’s other book, visit Sparkie Wyk’s eKingdom: http://www.sparkiewyk.com.

About the Author: Dayette J. Zampolin
Most of the author’s life was spent as a verbatim court stenographer in New Jersey. She now provides CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation), live, verbatim remote captioning services to clients across the country and the world. She is also a New York State Certified Snowmobile Safety Course Instructor, has designed trail safety signs and enjoys not only riding, but trail grooming trips for her snowmobile club. Her end of snowmobiling season poem, ‘Snowmobiler’s Lament’, further portrays her passion for snowmobiling.

Zampolin loves to live and snowmobile in the beautiful Catskill Forest Preserve of New York – which continues to inspire her to put pen to paper.