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Important Snow Thrower Consumer Information

How to Select the Right Snow Thrower - Advice from Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Experts


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- With winter fast approaching, now is the time to research snow thrower options and price points. Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse would like to help by offering important and practical information.

Single-stage snow throwers are designed for users who need to tackle a small to moderate amount of snowfall. These snow throwers are named for their single rotor which throws the snow in one motion, usually through a chute. They are best suited for small areas, such as an average size driveway or sidewalk. Listed below are five important tips to consider prior to purchasing a single-stage snow thrower:
- DURABILITY: Look for steel side panels, sturdy wheels and a protective rear engine guard.

- MANEUVERABILITY: Look for good balance, ergonomics, and easy storage features.

- PERFORMANCE: Pay special attention to the power supplied by the engine and the throwing distance. The machine should be able to move snow off of the driveway and into the yard, not short of it.

- EASY TO SERVICE: Make sure parts are readily available and affordable. Check to make sure the service points such as spark plugs, carburetor and oil drain are accessible.

- AUGER DESIGN: Determine whether or not the auger is capable of efficiently moving snow right down to the pavement.

Two-stage snow throwers are better suited for heavy snowfalls (greater than 8”), large areas, and icy snows.

Two-stage throwers are self-propelled and utilize a metal auger and rotor system. These machines can move a large volume of snow in a relatively short period of time. Listed below are 4 important items to consider before purchasing a two-stage snow thrower:
- DURABILITY: Look for metal construction, serrated augers, cast iron gear case, large diameter axle shaft with bushings and a well-built drive system.

- MANEUVERABILITY: Check the machine’s balance, and make sure the discharge chute is easy to aim. If the unit does not have power steering, be sure it can turn nicely without it. It is advisable to know if the unit offers a sufficiently wide selection of ground speeds.

- PERFORMANCE: Ensure the snow thrower has enough “guts” for the job, and can self-propel.. It is not uncommon for a high performance machine to throw snow up to 45 feet of snow.

- MAINTENANCE: Dual belt-drive systems can help sustain a maximum load without slippage at lower temps, making it maintenance free with no adjustments required. Gear cases should be sealed and durable enough for even the worst conditions

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