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Snowden NSA Revelations Increase Use of Smartphone Spyware Technology

Text Watcher Spy is climbing the ranks as most popular android smartphone app


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- While the tech industry tries to amp up its defenses in response to the NSA's spying programs, a new industry is being born as a result in raised awareness of smartphone spy technology. The public is realizing that if the U.S. government can spy, then so can they. Parents, spouses and employers alike are snatching up apps like Text Watcher Spy, an Android app that allows remote surveillance of all sms and text messages.

With these tools to monitor a child's interactions, a spouses secrets, and an employees wrongful use of company time, the public can now directly commit the same offensive acts that the NSA actively does. In this respect, however, the surveillance doesn't have the same negative connotation that it does for the actions revealed by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden last June.

More than a dozen app developers have flocked to the drawing board to create mobile spy applications, notably on Android, an open source platform provided by Google Inc. This week, TextWatcherSpy.com, announced an invisible version of their spy app, that runs in the background, silently and invisibly, and monitors all mobile phone activity of a target.

Using Text Watcher Spy software, a user can monitor mobile data from the targeted individuals device. Emails, texts, and other private interactions, are now made available to anyone with $20 to buy the app.

First launched in 2013, Text Watcher Spy now has over a million customers, all passing their targets data through the textwatcherspy.com's secure servers. The firm claims that it does not keep any of the data, and that an innovative method of "real-time transfer" allows them to immediately discard the data, permanently deleting it from its servers.

With the increase in smartphone technology and use, text spy applications have become increasingly utilized among parents of teenagers. The parents worries have to do with sexting and cyberbullying, awareness of which has arisen due to high profile cases like the suicide of Tyler Clementi.

The Text Watcher Message Spy application is deployed on an Android phone, allowing a parent to keep track of the on-goings of their teenager.

Bosses can monitor workers through the use of Text Watcher Spy, as can parents and spouses. This new grey area of smartphone use may sound invasive, but it was brought to the forefront by our very own government. This could have tragic future implications in the uses by governments of technology. It could also have tragic implications in the uses by regular consumers of technology.

An anonymous employee of Text Watcher Spy said to us via email: "People are interested in monitoring, especially after the NSA and Snowden news, and we think that this trend will continue. As people learn more about spying technologies such as our Text Watcher Spy, they will begin to see the advantages that can be reaped by using such tools, an advantage that has been well known by our governments for quite a while."

The average cost for this spy software is $20 per device, according to Jack Gold, a reporting analyst at J. Gold Associates.

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