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So They Will Know: Korean War Memoir Sheds Light on a Forgotten Chapter of the Conflict

Written by Sinclair Sickle, this clear-eyed, stirring account of “America’s Forgotten War” is an electrifying, often harrowing read.


Palm Coast, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- As Sinclair Stickle points out in his new memoir, ‘So They Will Know’, a typical college American History textbook will have little more than a single page devoted to the Korean War. For the men who fought those agonizing and bloody battles, this omission is a glaring reminder that history has largely disregarded them and their sacrifices.

Detailing the little known battles that were fought by the Third Infantry Division just prior to the armistice, ‘So They Will Know’ offers crucial information that belies the common belief that the Korean War ended in a “Stalemate” as is oft claimed by historians. Stickle’s memories of the torment and suffering of the soldiers as the Chinese strove to secure as much territory as they could before the armistice will shock those who have read contemporary history books about the war.

“Putting our experiences on paper is vital,” says Stickle. “As veterans, we are living history. Recording these memories – of people we met, of the little things that happened to us, of the fighting and the dying – that is important. As more and more time passes, the Korean War is fading into obscurity, and I believe it’s our duty as Americans and as veterans to make sure that does not happen.”


When GI Sinclair Stickle landed in Korea on May 1, 1953, the military conflict on the North Asian peninsula was in a perilous state. While many contemporary historians now describe that moment in time as a grueling stalemate, or instead focus on the peace talks at Panmunjom, the front-line reality was far more harrowing as the Chinese pushed to secure as much territory as they could before the armistice.

‘So They Will Know: A Korean War Memoir’ seeks to give voice to these stories of bravery and valor, while shedding dramatic, personal insight on that time from one American soldiers perspective. ‘So They Will Know’ brings to life the global conflict that remains misunderstood, underappreciated, and inadequately documented. In fact, a typical college American History textbook will have little more than a single page devoted to the Korean War, and rarely are there mentions of the specific battles where thousands of men were killed or injured during the final months before the close of the armed conflict. In response, Sinclair Stickle provides a rousing call to action, rallying fellow living veterans to revisit and record memories they have collectively guarded for decades.

This passionate memoir offers a heartfelt plea to honor those who otherwise would be forgotten as the victims of disregarded battles. It equally marks the unimaginable displacement of a young man, most recently a high school student, being thrust into close calls and near death experiences, and then being expected to transition back to normal civilian life.

Since it’s publication, the book has earned glowing reviews.

Calling it “a fine memoir of a mostly forgotten war”, D Ronald Watson Jr. wrote: “His compelling story made me think about making the most of every day, every moment, that God has given us. Only God knows which moment is the last. Whether telling us how he figured out how to eat two dinners or separating the good officers from the idiots, Stickle tells a good story that I would urge anyone to read!”

“After a prologue that gives readers the outlines of “America’s forgotten war,” Stickle wisely lets his own experiences do the talking, shedding light on the bizarre, tragic and humorous aspects of military life, as when he befriended a former Japanese kamikaze pilot and played chauffeur to a demented American colonel. He stops short when he returns to civilian life, writing, “I made decisions that I would regret the rest of my life.” There may be another engaging book there. Engrossing tales of military life from a talented veteran,” from Kirkus Reviews.

“I found it to be very interesting and informative. I learned many things about war, even though the author and my husband had shared many experiences at reunions. It will be enjoyed by any service members, present or veterans, or anyone interested in history,” wrote Christine Bean.

‘So They Will Know: A Korean War Memoir’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1gKJmgS

About Sinclair W Stickle
Sinclair W Stickle is a mechanical engineer whose professional experience includes product development and manufacturing of air conditioning and solar heating systems. He has written various technical papers and has also been published in the Atlantic Quarterly, a local magazine in Palm Coast, Florida, where he and his wife reside. Stickle is a lover of American history and a military history buff.