So Wettin' Happens After Civil Wars in Africa


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- (In Liberian English, “Wettin” translates to “What”).. Many times in the western world, you hear about civil wars and conflicts in Africa. You hear the heartbreaking stories of child soldiers and the brute horrors that occur. You see the pictures and videos on the news and even become attached to the images. However, do you follow up? What happens to those who experienced these horrific events and how are they coping? The creative arts can be an essential medium for the youth to cope with past and present traumas of Civil War. Imagine the stories they have to share with the world via music, culture, and the performing arts. Join the cultural revolution and emerging renaissance in the construction of the first Solar Powered Entertainment Community Center in Liberia West Africa!

This Solar Powered Entertainment Community Center will be an asset in healing a nation through its creative arts, and provide a healthy environment for channeling post Civil War traumas. Besides being a convenient venue to host cultural events and detraumatization workshops, the actual construction of the facility will also provide much needed jobs in architecture, carpentry, and masonry.

A driving force behind this groundbreaking project is 420 International Coalition Inc. They are a movement of performing artists who have roots in various countries around the world. They have created a strong influence amongst the young generation in Liberia. With the correct tools and equipment, they believe young people will have better opportunities to express themselves, while also enhancing their natural talents.

Recognizing the importance of a professional perspective in the healing process, 420 International Coalition reached out to international speaker and certified psychologist, Dr. Umar Johnson. During his visit to Liberia, Dr. Umar had interactions with youth at numerous cultural events and educational forums. Furthermore, his conversations with people in the greater community helped him better understand the challenges they were facing as a post war society.

Dr. Umar & 420 International Coalition have joined forces to spearhead the building of Liberia’s first State of the Art Solar Powered Entertainment Community Center. Liberty Shine is the media entity promoting this project which has currently been launched via the Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform. For more information to support this project, access

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