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So Will So I Can: Powerful New Book & Journal Persuades Young Readers to Implement Goals and Prevent Youth "Future Shock"

Masterfully crafted by Benzena Brown, So I Will So I Can: Goal Achiever Journal for Teenagers and Young Adults Success provides a practical and potentially life-changing resource any person can use to create a solid foundation for a prosperous life. Brown defines goals as a "golden opportunity at life success". Brown also expresses goals are “a creative force to success”.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Many people know that they should have goals. The definition and application of goals is so enigmatic that most people give up or act without a plan. In her invaluable new book, Benzena Brown gives teenagers and young adults a highly-accessible journal through which they can identify the goals they want to achieve and pursue them with gusto and success.

So I Will So I Can: Goal Achiever Journal for Teenagers and Young Adults Success will encourage any young person to a productive path avoiding the future shock that afflicts millions. Pictures are worth a thousand words and images are portrayed to promote a mindset of So I Will So I Can. Benefits to promote a mindset of So I Will So I Can are rewards to accomplishment, achievement, self-fulfillment and living with purpose.

So! Will So I Can focuses on the opportunities gained from implementing and applying goals in your life. Goals are the foundation of opportunities for life success. When dreams, visions and goals are linked together, achievement and success join to create a desirable outcome." Where there is a will there is a way" become a driving force and you shift forward to success. Shift forward to success are directions to reach a positive future with a happy and desirable outcome made possible by goal-setting.
Many young people desire success, however their platform for achieving lack progressive plans and feedback. First, they have not identified goals and if they do, they have no road map for achieving them. My book pushes them mentally in both areas; they will be empowered to identify and have a record and blue print for putting a plan into action which is a future investment.

About So I Will So I Can
So I Will So I Can is designed to be thought-provoking allowing self-discovery to implement plans for success. Plan, prepare, profit and prosper is the reality of goal-setting accomplishment, enjoy each exercise and begin goal-setting as you plan, prepare, profit and prosper. So I Will So I Can from Xulon press is available at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and Xulon Press.

About Benzena Brown
Benzena Brown is the mother of four wonderful children. Her professional career and background was with The Department of Defense, from which she is now retired. She facilitated classes in change management, anger management and various other training classes.