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Soapets Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo to Make Bath Time Fun

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for Soapets, the newly designed utilitarian collectable bath time friend for children.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Allan Rubinfeld, the inventor of Soapets has launched a crowdfunding project with a goal of $10,000+ to support the manufacture of his engaging product for children designed to bring fun to bath time for those who don’t ordinarily enjoy the practice. Dually bringing enjoyment to tots that do happen to like the sudsiest part of their day the inventor hopes to engender well-being and frivolity in children worldwide. The product is the result of a life-altering experience for Rubinfeld and thereby is capable of inspiration as well as good clean fun.

Rubinfeld, a survivor of a life-threatening car accident in his senior year of high school, created the Soapets product while on the mend. No simple matter having also survived many grueling surgeries as well as a coma the entrepreneur knew the best way to bring focus to his situation was to go with a good idea he had while in the shower himself. Rubinfeld said of the bath toy, “Suddenly I knew I could make a difference and so I went with it. Giving the project all my attention I even taught myself how to sew. When I found myself flying to China to speak to manufacturers to perfect the product, that’s when I knew we really had something.”

Simply stated, Soapets is a bath and shower utility cleverly disguised as a toy. Using an ingenious pouch and materials that can hold any soap bar or sponge in place the utilitarian bath toy is a fun approach to getting clean and much more exciting to children than a loofah or a washcloth. Made of 30% polyester and 70% rayon the bath toy is gentle on the skin and easy on the eyes. Engaging bathers with Dyno the Dinosaur, Mimi the Ladybug, Bobo the Panda, Cici the Turtle, Wis the Penguin, and Lela the Platypus the dynamic bath time group of pals is rounded out by Limited Edition: Fefe the Dragon.

Allan Rubinfeld is the inventor and CEO of Soapets. The company and its CEO is engaged in bringing fun to children by way of engaging bath toys. Its flagship product incorporates seven animal bath time toys and their ongoing stories. The toys are limited editions thereby making them collectable items.

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