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Soaring Student Numbers Place Strain on London Accommodation: Home Removals London Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- A recent letter has emerged, warning the London mayor Boris Johnson of a student housing crisis in the capital. It was written by a member of the London Assembly who highlighted their concern that students from less affluent backgrounds were being 'priced out' of studying in the city, and that pressures of numbers and accommodation were detracting from the student experience.

London is one of the most popular cities in the UK in which to study. According to a recent London First and Pricewaterhouse Coopersreport, combined with the findings of Universities UK – there are approximately 366,605 students in the city, with 67,000 of these international. The number of individuals and their need to be close to central studying locations places strains on accommodation: and often comes at cost, which the letter exposes.

Situations include students having to live at excessive distances from their universities due to not being able to afford anywhere closer. Another issue is that too much of London's accommodation seems to be geared towards a readily affluent market, thus beyond the budgets of many working families. The unfortunate result can be that students from working class backgrounds are placed at a disadvantage when it comes to studying in the city. This could result in a loss of talent and what appears to be an unfair social situation.

Keen to comment on this issue was Home Removals London, a business which regularly works with students and their accommodation. They offer a range of services and are experts in removals. A spokesperson had this to say:

"We think that students from any background should have a fair chance of studying in this great capital city.

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That is why we offer a student moving service which can be tailored to individual budgets and timescales. Talented young minds deserve to be appreciated, not placed under enormous financial pressures, and we hoped that other services linked to accommodation consider this."

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