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Savannah, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2015 -- Online soccer is a game of the mind but entails proper body coordination to be able to make strategic game plays just like in the actual soccer game in the field.

But just like the actual ball game, here are some of the tips and tricks on how to play soccer online:

- The very first thing that an online soccer gamer should be able to manipulate the controls and learn how to kick the ball. An excellent form and a proper kicking position. The kick is one of the essential elements as it would make or break the game.

- Ball maneuvering technique is also a skill that every online soccer player should develop. They should be able to be in control of the ball and pass through all the opponent's team members across the field.

- The passing techniques and skills should also be developed to effectively make a tactical game play.

- An effective online soccer player also knows how to successfully retrieve the ball from the opponent.

- Blocking the shots when an opponent team member tries to penetrate the goal is one of the most complicated and daunting of all as opponent teams also have their own playing tactics to get the ball in. This is something complicated as the ball may be coming from any side or any angle at different speeds and blocking the shots will involve a great deal of speed and presence of mind.

- Trapping the soccer ball when opponent team member are pressing on the player is quite difficult and most likely, they will be able to retrieve the ball if players do not know how to strategize and get out and escape from the congesting situation. The best tactic at this point is to divert the ball in a direction which will give the player a full advantage of pulling away from the opponents who are struggling to possess the ball.

- Juggling the soccer ball is an art that needs to be developed to become even better as an online soccer player. This is done by playing with the ball while it is up in the air and hitting it with the different parts of the body except the hands.

- Dribbling the ball in the game of soccer is quite different from what people see in other ball games because in soccer it's a foul to use the hands. Dribbling is the technique used by tapping the ball with the feet and at the same time dragging the ball on different directions with every tap.

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