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San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- According to Wikipedia, more than 13 million Americans now play soccer, making it one of the most played team sports in the country, coming in behind basketball and baseball/softball. In fact, soccer continues to be the most widely played sport across the globe, leading many to look for the best gear for the game. "Soccer Gear Reviews strives to provide the information players need when buying new equipment, as the right equipment can affect the outcome of the game in a number of ways," Noel Baxter, Soccer Gear Reviews spokesperson, proclaims.

Cleats remain an essential part of the game, as the right pair may give a player an advantage while out on the field. Cleats continue to change dramatically, as shoe manufacturers look more into various aspects of the game and how different types of cleats affect performance. Many consider Lionel Messi to be the best player in the game today and wonder if purchasing the shoes he wears will help them with their skills. Although there is no right answer to this question, as each player must decide for him or herself which shoe best meets their needs, all can turn to Soccer Gear Reviews to find more information on Lionel Messi Cleats, find the best deals on Adidas soccer shoes at this site, or learn more about Nike Mercurial soccer cleats, as Baxter points out.

Indoor soccer is also increasing in popularity, leading many to wonder about shoes for this type of play. Soccer Gear Reviews analyzes various products designed for indoor use, offering Nike Indoor Soccer Shoe Reviews and more, to ensure the needs of all players are met. "Don't hesitate to visit the site when in need of a product for any type of soccer gear. The site covers all types of equipment, no matter where one chooses to participate in this amazing sport," Baxter goes on to say.

Soccer Gear Reviews offers a great deal more than just reviews of various products. When one visits the site, he or she finds information on different soccer balls, goalkeeper gloves, and more. Countless head to the site before making a purchase to learn about the best products on the market today, such as women's soccer shoes, or to glance at the comparison charts offered to learn more about a wide range of products quickly. "Time continues to be in short supply for many today, and soccer players want to spend as much time out on the field as possible. Soccer Gear Reviews offers all information in an easy to read format so players can quickly find what they need and move on to other more important things, such as practicing their skills," Baxter states.

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