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Soccer Training Drills Not as Effective as They Could Be, Claims New Website


Umea, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Whether you call it football or soccer, it is arguably the most popular game in the world - especially if measured in how many people that play the sport themselves. In order to help athletes of all ages improve their game a plethora of soccer training drills have been invented.

The problem, according to site Soccer Training Programs, is that both players and coaches don't always use these drills and exercises as effectively as they could. In fact, according to website owner Carl Svensson , there are actually many misconceptions about how drills for soccer should be applied. A problem he hopes to help correct with his new site.

"When I started youth soccer coaching I was amazed by how many seemingly great drills and practice routines there are. And yet many young players seem to plateau very quickly in their development", Svensson explains.

For example, while there are thousands of drills that involve passing, dribbling and shooting, but just repeating these often complex drills may not necessarily make the players master the basic skills involved.

"Things like raw talent and high/low motivation are significant factors of course, but I have also come to the conclusion that many players simply never get the education that would take their game to a whole new level."

He explains his reasoning for this in a very detailed article on the topic of what makes a great soccer player:

Svensson adds that his own career as a youth soccer player didn't go as well as he had hoped, partially because certain "secret" fundamentals where never taught to him.

"As a young boy I just assumed that you either had the technical soccer skill or you didn't. I would never have become the next Messi or Ronaldo of course, but today I know that I could have done a lot better had I received proper instruction."

On his site Svensson claims that, despite "being past his prime" as he puts it, he has actually managed to improve his own soccer skills as an adult.

The goal with the Soccer Training Programs website however, is to help other coaches and player of all ages an levels improve their general knowledge and abilities. Eventually the idea is that the site will cover everything from tactics to soccer specific fitness and equipment.

The site will consist of Carl's own essays and videos about soccer coaching and training, as well as great resources, tips and instruction about the sport in general. There is also a separate section with thorough reviews on various dvds and training programs available from different providers.

About The Soccer Training Programs
The Soccer Training Programs is owned and operated by Carl Svensson, a physiotherapist and soccer enthusiast from Scandinavia. The motto of the website is that great coaching is something that all young soccer players deserve.

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