Sochi Bombings Cause Concern to US Transit Systems

Security Solutions International (SSI), Global Security Leader (GSL), provides training for major transit systems and agencies on improvised explosive devices and the active shooter threat.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Entering its second decade in the Homeland Security industry, Security Solutions International (SSI) has now expanded its wide-range of training programs to cover the potential threats against our nation’s transit hubs. SSI is taking part in the TSA’s I-STEP Motor coach Exercise in Tallahassee Florida with members of the DHS and private companies at the invitation of Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

“Transit has always been a favorite target of terrorist attacks. Buses, subways and trains are at the heart of our infrastructure and crippling transit has a very high impact on our society and spreads fear amongst the population which is the goal of the attacks” said Henry Morgenstern, President of Security Solutions International. “The recent threats to the Sochi Olympics and Train and Bus bombings in Russia have made this training a must have.”

The new proven program covers a wide range of subjects over two days including:
- Attacks on Transit – What can I, as a employee, do to help counter attacks against my transit system
- Why Transit – an overview of case studies from across the globe each enabling the participant with a better understanding of the reasons transit has been a favorite target of terrorists
- Familiarization with IED’s including display and exercise to thoroughly familiarize them with these devices.
- Recognizing a suspicious object and differentiating this from lost and found articles
- Chemical, Biological and Nuclear materials
- Developing an instinct for spotting suspicious activity and how to report this
- Recognizing an attack from Surveillance to execution. In-class exercise to help understand the planning process around an attack based on local examples
- Concealment of IED’s
- Active Shooter awareness and Run, Hide Fight response
- Self Defense basics from a seated position for drivers (as required)

Security Solutions International (SSI) has helped more than 1,000 federal, state, and local agencies by training to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the asymmetrical threat of organized crime, gangs, drug cartels, terrorist organizations, disease, and natural disasters since 2004.

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