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Social Bookmarking Service Unveiled by Ribbun

Ribbun SEO will now be providing social book marking services as part of it growing lineup of SEO services.


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2012 -- Ribbun is an SMO and SEO service provider that offers a number of diverse services to create a strong web presence for is clients. The number of services offered by the company has increased over the years, with the latest one being its social bookmarking service.

Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit feels that social bookmarking is one of overlooked forms of search engine optimization. He said, “For most people, social bookmarking is nothing more than a form of file sharing. It is essentially the same as bookmarking websites on a browser meant for the greater convenience of internet users. However, several SEO experts and we believe that social bookmarking can be quite an effective way of improving your visibility on search engines quickly. “

Social bookmarking works like browser bookmarking, except that it is done on a bookmarking website instead of the browser. It is essentially a method of sharing files and website links, but bookmarking websites have lately become highly reputed by search engines. Ribbun’s social bookmarking service works on the high reputation of websites.

From an SEO point of view, social bookmarking holds great potential as a form of creating highly effective back links and increasing a website’s exposure to web traffic. Ribbun’s service basically works by forming back links on social bookmarking websites that direct visitors to its clients’ websites. The bookmarking sites are chosen according to the percentage of Do Follow bookmarks on the website. Do Follow links are specialized links that add additional link value to a basic social bookmarking link. Such links also have greater link authority among search engines. The social bookmarking service offered by Ribbun aims at providing around 70-80 percent of Do Follow bookmarks.

Ribbun choosing social bookmarking websites based on its page ranks as well as the amount of traffic it attracts. Moreover, the company ensures that the bookmarking websites targeted are rotated on a regular basis. This, in turn, ensures that the company’s clients achieve the most out of the social bookmarking service.

Ribbun also ensures that bookmarks are made on active bookmarking accounts or profiles. That is, the company sets up accounts or profiles and uses them on a regular basis to keep them active. This makes the link building process more natural and, therefore, more effective.

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