Social Buzz Consulting Announces Plans for Upcoming Ian Houghton on Dating Jungle Radio Show


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Social Buzz Consulting, an established leader in Public Relations, today announced plans for Business Coach Ian Houghton's guest appearance on The Dating Jungle Radio Show on Tuesday, March 5th 9pm-10pm Eastern.

The event will be held online at The goal of the Mr. Houghton's scheduled appearance on The Dating Jungle Radio Show is to provide his knowledge on human psychology in the dating world.

Debbie Stein, Public Relations of Social Buzz Consulting, said listening to the online broadcast is absolutely free. Fans can simply visit to join. They are also encouraged to call in with questions for Mr. Houghton.

"It's very important for a single man to understand what he needs to do to create a great first impression with a woman. All men can follow a simple system to help them find the woman of their dreams. I will teach them how to break the ice without coming off as needy or desperate. It's important to understand what a woman is looking for and how to get over the correct impression to her," said Mr. Houghton. "I am a business coach. I teach entrepreneurs how to have excellent customer service so customers get exactly what they want. Dating is no different. You need to understand your you want a relationship or sex? You need to then market yourself clearly. Then you need to deliver on that marketing. I recommend you absolutely are honest and respectable. You must make a great first impression and be congruent. In many ways, dating is just like business."

More About Ian Houghton
Ian Houghton has helped many businesses with increasing their profits. He is the leading authority of increasing profits through outstanding customer service and experience. Branded by JT Foxx, one of the world's top business coaches, as The British Business Sensation and Master of Implementation. Ian is also a world renowned speaker and best selling author.

Ian’s track record is unprecedented. He is an award-winning Real Estate Entrepreneur, has helped companies go from 6 to 7 figures net in under 12 months (by leveraging existing customers), and works with select high-level entrepreneurs and athletes (Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury, Hollywood director Mike L. Murphy, Internet Marketing Master Jeff Vacek and Global Investor, Astronaut and Adventurer Nik Halik) with his Knightsbridge PR company. He also is senior managing partner in one of the top prestigious branding companies of individuals,". To learn more about Mr. Houghton, you may visit him online at

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