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Social Impact Investing Goes Mainstream


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- For a long time businesses have overlooked their responsibilities to the environment and the society, during the past few decades awareness about how businesses and cooperation impact the environment around them has risen and the investors and businesses alike are seeing that the integration of financial profits and addressing the social or environmental problems is the only way forward. Website Social Bond Investor is helping social impact investors stay on top of the latest news and information that influences sustainable capitalism. Social Impact Investment, a broadly defined term, has an essence of “Social Responsible Investing” yet the term has its own differentiating dynamics. A Social Bond Investor in his latest article “Top 10 Legal Challenges That Are Preventing Impact Investing From Going Mainstream” defines the term Impact Investment as:

“The placing of an investor’s funds into entitles and organizations with the intent to generate a greater environmental or social good”

Impact Investment has grown by leaps and bounds due to the “Win-Win” situation this type of investment yields for all the stakeholders including the environment and society as a whole and not just the cooperation and the investors. Socially responsible businesses are commonplace in today’s world; the need is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs, businesses and the for-profit investors who are also conscious of the social and/or environmental problems.

Social Impact Investing goes further than philanthropy because it pushes the businesses and the stake holders to be more creative with their venture capital to not only generate profit but also change lives for the better. Not much different than a normal business, however a social responsible business has a heart. Louse Carrey, a freelance writer of diverse range of social and environmental topics and Social Bond Investor team member writes in her feature “Socially Responsible Businesses: More Common Than You Think”:

“Business doesn’t have to be a selfish affair driven solely by profit – it can also be a fulfilling practice which impacts positively on its workers, customers and the animals and environment it impacts on. Social responsibility is becoming not just attractive, but necessary – our planet, people and animals are deserving of respect and kindness and it is not the place of big companies to exploit them for profit.”

Countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Israel and Canada have lately been putting in considerable efforts into making social impact investing mainstream. Social Bond Investor aim is to be the best resource of information about Socially Responsible Businesses and Social Impact Investment, for more information please visit:

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