Solavei - Best Cell Company

Social Marketing and Network Marketing Intermingling; Thanks to the Steroid Boost Given by Solavei

Solavei is here with a solution that will both save users money on their monthly cell phone bill, but also give them the freedom to use their smartphones as much as they would like without the fear of racking up additional charges.


Geneva, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Unlimited data, unlimited talk, unlimited text – all for less than 50% of one’s current mobile monthly bill. The Solavei plan is the most straight forward and easy to understand wireless plans available on the market. There are no up sells and no add-on features unlike the other mainstream providers.

The main difference has to do with how Solavei is promoted when compared to the other cell phone companies. They spend billions of dollars every year on television commercials, print and radio advertising, internet marketing, event sponsorship, and celebrity endorsements.

Solavei relies on their current users to spread the word, and the concept is proving to be very successful. If one wants to compare cell phone plans, they must know that Solavei offers 4G cell phone coverage to their consumer - which is equal to or greater than the coverage that they currently use at half the price.

After going through their website and knowing about their customer-friendly plans, in which they have incorporated International calling, one is sure to rate it as the best cell phone company.

About Solavei
Solavei is a business formed by Ryan Wuerch, and is a pioneer in the field of taking control away from mass produced media advertising and empowering the end user – regular folks – through the power of mobile computing and cell phones. It’s like a blend of Network Marketing and social networking, but on steroids.

The ultimate goal? To give people the chance to actually make money just for using the same devices they have on them every day by funneling money that is usually wasted on broad based advertising. The win-win here is that mega corporations get the chance to tighten their marketing budgets with more effective advertising, and one gets paid to do basically nothing that they wouldn’t be throughout a normal day.

To know more about Solavei or for queries related to this Press Release, contact:
Ryan Fletcher
Phone: 630-670-0368