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London, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- In a typical day, there are so much to do and most of them are executed online. The internet has become an important one home-based business. The young people are constantly on the web, working, meeting new people, socializing. Social networks such a Facebook and Twitter keep them pretty occupied. But not many of them have the money to advertise themselves through the social media.

For anyone who is starting a new business or getting a new job, a business card is a must-have. Usually, people tend to simply choose a generic template online, manually enter their names, titles, and contact information, but everyone ends up with the same dry-looking business cards. This makes it super difficult for a person to stand out in the increasingly competitive business world.

Now young entrepreneur Stephen Ou, has a solution: SocialBusinessCard is the first tool on the Internet that lets users create a business card design from their social profiles. SocialBusinessCard is targeted towards business executives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who have rich social profiles but need their own unique business card designs.

The cards come in great designs with lots of creativity, using their social brands. And users only have to go through 3 simple steps. Step 1: Connect. When a user click on the buttons above, he will be asked to grant permissions. They only use his info to generate the card, but SocialBusinessCard don't store or share his info. Step 2: Download. Once the card has been generated automatically based on his profile, he can edit any text on the card, and then he can download the card design as a PNG image. Step 3: Purchase. Upload the image as a custom card design on trusted business card makers such as Vistaprint, Moo, and Zazzle, and then he can purchase the cards from them.

SocialBusinessCard has created a new product category on its own, allowing users to create business cards by using their social profiles. It gives business owners a way to get a unique style using their own profile and cover photos, and it also populates the card with their information so they don’t need to spend the time to manually type them in. SocialBusinessCard can help business owners save their time and focus on advertising, getting clients and keep their business growing and making money.

If a businessman is wasting time doing tasks that are necessary but not revenue-producing, such as designing their own business card with lack of skills, then he should just stop and start using SocialBusinessCard to find the right way to create his business card portfolio. This is a much better approach than trying to pay somebody just to give a unique design an entrepreneur need. With SocialBusinessCard, anyone can get a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn card design for free.

For those struggling to explain the expense of hiring a designer, Stephen offers advice based on his own experience: Do the calculation. If business people spend hours every day on tasks instead of spending those same hours making money-producing work, they’re actually losing money.

About Stephen Ou
Stephen Ou is a young entrepreneur. In 2008, he came to the U.S. and spoke very little English. With an unstoppable pursuit of the American Dream, he has created 7 successful web apps & programmed for a Fortune 1000 Company and worked as a freelance programmer for companies worldwide. He was named one of the 10 inspirational entrepreneurs under 21. He is currently a high school senior.

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