Muralife Releases Montage - Enhances Images on Social Media


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Today, announced the launch of their new web application entitled Muralife Montage. Muralife Montage is a free online tool which generates creative montages in mosaic style that can be shared on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The process is simple. An end user simply clicks the upload button on the Muralife home page. A handful of photos are selected to be included in the creative from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. As few as four photos can be selected with a current maximum bulk upload of eight. Muralife will then guide the end user to crop uploaded photos to necessary specifications. A new artistic montage is then generated. This new creative is available instantly on screen. If the end user likes what they see they can approve the artwork and use it as they see fit. If the result is less than desirable the end user can tweak options like transparency ratio and color filters to fine tune the appearance. The final result is a photoshop-worthy work of art that can be shared on social media channels, blogs, websites, and print materials.

The goal of the web app is to merge mosaic artwork with a montage style to give social media users a brand new look for their photos on social media channels, websites, and blogs. "We know that there are quite a few popular Android and Apple apps that deliver beautiful photo collages. We wanted to develop something that also worked for desktop users as well as mobile. The simplicity of Muralife Montage combined with just enough user control provides a convenient environment that delivers very neat creatives. The montages are likely too complex for end users short of Photoshop professionals to pull off without a web app like this" said Founder of Muralife Grant Friedline.

Although Muralife Montage has created an environment for quickly and easily creating unique collages for posting on blogs, websites, and social media channels there are definitely some best practices to follow. Grant went into more detail by saying "it must be pointed out that the final result is a square image. For this reason uploaded photos (and most importantly the background photo) should be square or close to square. This actually makes it perfect for mashing up photos taken on Instagram (which are always in square in dimensions). We have found that the quality of the montage is very much dependent on the quality of the background image chosen by the end user. Our favorite test results came from a closeup, high quality head shot photo being used for the background and multiple action shots being used for the surface photos that compose the collage look and feel."

Although there is not a specific app available for the iPhone or Android just yet the product will load on most javascript-enabled devices in a mobile browser. There are plans to develop specific mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. Currently Muralife Montage will generate the same visually stunning art no matter what browser or device is being used although some devices may be more compatible than others during the beta stage.

About Muralife
Muralife is a social media startup from Pittsburgh, PA. Muralife has been in stealth mode since April of 2011. Montage is the first product offering from The project is currently in beta. Founder Grant Alan Friedline is a seasoned web developer / internet marketing professional who has consulted,,, and others on various online projects. Feedback and media requests should be directed to