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Social Media Influence Is All About the Numbers: The Pain in Buying Phony Likes and Followers

When businesses are battling against the biggest celebrities in social media to get their audience’s attention, how can these companies keep up with the competition and let their voice be heard?


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- Social media influence is all about the numbers - the more the likes and followers of a brand give users the impression that they are something to look after. Is buying fake likes and followers an option just so the brand can keep up with the competition? No. Absolutely not!

The biggest advantage that a company will get from social spending is that they are able to positively project their brand and consequently affecting the perceptions of their prospective customers. Eventually, this will result to increased sales and strengthens the bond between the business and customers. This can be achieved through organic acquisition of fans, likes and followers and/or buying real instagram followers, twitter followers and Facebook likes from a legit provider. In the hype to get the most out of this benefit, however, some companies became too greedy resulting to the rise of fake fans, followers and likes.

It’s probably late for some brands to know that they did not buy real instagram followers, twitter followers and Facebook likes. Yes, these may give some users that they have a very good fan base. But they ain’t fooling nobody, these purchased likes and followers are not engaging especially when they come cheap, it will appear they are voicing out their brand to a mass of mannequins. And over time, if detected fake, these phonies will fall off the brand’s profile. Chances are, these fakes won’t bring any return on investment. Not a good investment at all.

Social media is today’s word-of-mouth in digital form. That being said, what good can a bot do to facilitate the growth of a brand? None! A successful social media campaign can be seen on audience engagement and the reach of the message they conveyed. The user’s enthusiasm to share and comment what the brand has to offer or say is what drives and multiplies sales opportunities. This also commences the brand’s words to spread throughout the social media sites. When a profile page is filled with fakes, the brand’s words will just have a minimal reach or worse, will have no chance of spreading at all.

The worst that these phonies may bring to a company’s profile is page is that some platforms may actually delete the offender’s age. This does not require a masteral degree to comprehend that these truly are bad for a business.

Think twice prior to shelling out dollars to bloat the numbers. Be cautious on choosing who to do business with, go with the legit and who can bring what they are offering to reality.

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