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Social Media Management Has Never Been Easier With Pinnacle Media Marketing's New Plans

Social media management for small businesses and resellers


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Pinnacle Media Marketing has announced it will start offering its extremely popular wholesale social media management packages to retail clients. These packages in the past have been reserved for resellers only but in an unprecedented move yesterday Pinnacle Media Marketing announced its intentions to start offering these packages to the retail public at wholesale prices that are 50% to 60% below market value.

“Social media is still in an infancy stage , but is quickly becoming a small business necessity when it comes to online marketing and customer relationship marketing. These new packages fit in well with our other wholesale services we offer to retail clients .” said Rick Romano managing partner at Pinnacle Media Marketing.

Social media marketing has taken off over the last few years , but the model is still hard to decipher for many small businesses . Is it a direct marketing channel , a way to offer online customer service or a method for quality control. Quite a few businesses have not figured out the best way to use social media to their advantage and that is what Pinnacle Media Marketing is trying to help with.

“Social media can be a great source of new business but it has to be done right , it is not a medium that you can direct market on it is more about relationship marketing” said Romano.

To find out more how your business can benefit from one of the affordable social media programs being offered by Pinnacle Media Marketing give them a call at (800) -457-4059 or visit their social media management website here.

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