Joel Leyden: Leyden Digital PR, Reputation Management, Social Media Group Expands


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2013 -- Joel Leyden, President of the Leyden Digital PR, Reputation Management and Social Media Group announced today the expansion of their professional digital services.

"We were among the first to provide on-line digital PR, crisis communications, SEO and branding solutions since 1994," said Joel Leyden. "Leyden Communications was born on Madison Ave and evolved into a full service digital PR and social media group after we were approached to create the first commercial Website in Israel in 1994. Leyden Digital PR provides professional, global consultancy services to governments, commercial and non-profit organizations."

Joel Leyden adds: "Our digital PR, integrated marketing and branding services have expanded to include every facet of public relations and public affairs on the Internet. In New York our addresses the Greater New York region with our extensive knowledge of both the demographics and industries. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel our group has been operating for over 25 years helping the government to reach media markets and political leaders on every continent. has been extremely successful in creating both media and cross-cultural bridges for commercial and non-profit organizations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. These industries include hi-tech,  healthcare, tech, financial PR, food and beverage, tourism, fashion, defense and security."

Joel Leyden continues: "Today we are transcending the New York and Israel markets as we are presently negotiating with PR and advertising agencies in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.  It's critically important to have partners in these regions who speak and understand the native culture. Our online reputation management services provide immediate online reputation management and crisis communications solutions which include controlling one's personal and commercial image on a variety of search engines including Google, BING and AOL."

"Leyden Digital spends an equal amount of time working on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to provide positive visibility for our clients," says Joel Leyden. "And we will go well beyond monitoring a company's name on Google, Facebook or Twitter if our clients are being slandered and or libeled."

Joel Leyden states that his digital PR company recently contacted the FBI regarding an individual who was criminally harassing and actually hacking two of his international clients.

"There are times when creating new Websites, news stories and blogs are not sufficient in addressing illegal activities on the Internet. I have also recently come under illegal on-line harassment. The FBI and INTERPOL are more than well equipped to address criminal activity on the Internet. They successfully defend nations from cyber warfare and individuals from being threatened and harassed," says Joel Leyden.

Joel Leyden says that Leyden Digital PR has partnerships with attorneys in the US, Europe and Israel who specialize in cyber law and they are prepared to tackle any personal attack that may arise.

"The demand for professional, online digital PR and reputation management solutions have come to the forefront in the wired world," says Joel Leyden. "Anyone can say anything about anybody in today's Google, Facebook and Twitter world. As such Leyden Digital PR is now investing private capital and seeking partnerships with other digital PR firms worldwide."

Joel Leyden, who co-created the Israel Defense Forces cyber unit and consults both Israeli and US governmental organizations on messaging and branding online, is creating professional, private cyber PR task force units to address threats to governments, commercial, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Joel Leyden's professional digital PR work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, FOX News, The Washington Post, AP, Reuters, The Jerusalem Post, USA Today and TIME magazine.

Joel Leyden is reaching out to several digital PR firms in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Greece,

"It's a whole new world out there," says Joel Leyden. "Our weapons in protecting our clients used to be a press release and a fax machine. Today, we use professional branding and copywriting professionals who live and breath Facebook and Twitter. And if need be - a call to local law enforcement."

Joel Leyden concludes: "When you integrate extensive, professional knowledge of the Web, of how Google and social media work along with the telephone numbers of your local police and FBI, you create a potent team which protects against harassment, cyber stalking, spam, scams, abusive threats and commercial, physical and emotional injury."

Please note that this press release has been revised from its original content.