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Social Media Remarketing Announces Service to Buy Vimeo Views


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- A new service being offered by Social Media Remarketing provides three packages for individuals who want to buy Vimeo views . Vimeo is one of the more popular video websites which currently hosts millions of videos that run daily. Video marketing is an important tool for businesses, groups and individuals to market their products or services. SM Remarketing is now offering a new method for building up a customer base for those who use Vimeo as part of their video marketing.

Studies have shown that many people tend to not want to view a video unless others have seen it first. Essentially, this means that for a video to become popular, it has to be popular in the first place. This “Catch-22” situation can leave businesses, groups and individuals in a bind when trying to promote their work without a built-in base of support. However, SM Remarketing offers the means of jump starting Vimeo views by providing three packages that fit the needs of the marketer.

- Trending: 15,000 views for $19.95
- Popular: 30,000 views for $29.95
- Viral: 60,000 views for $39.95

Each of these packages have a turnaround time of three, five and seven days respectively. Also, there is a full money back guarantee offered as well with each package. Purchasing views for Vimeo videos is an inexpensive means of creating more views from potential customers or fans who otherwise would not view the video in the first place. For more information about how to purchase vimeo views , visit SM Remarketing.

Stacy Smith
SM Remarketing
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA