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Social Media Software Supports Intersection and Exclusion Targeting


Oviedo, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Social Interest Freak is pleased to announce the release of Version 2.0 of SIF software. The tool adds Instagram support to its other mobile social network paths. The exclusive feature of Social Interest Freak is that users are able to both include a target audience and exclude unwanted contacts. This capability makes the results much more profitable for marketers using social media marketing.

Using the simple software tool begins with picking interests, behaviors and demographic target audiences. The targets are copied to the Targeter Tab using a single click of the button. Step 3 is to drag and drop the targets and again use a single click to update the synced adset. The conjunction of two or more inclusive factors while excluding others will mean higher CTR and ROI, because of the specificity of the audience characteristics.

The tool is synced with Facebook and Instagram. The audience pool at present is identified as 7.4 million social network users. Total submission time is less than sixty seconds and only a few clicks are required. The addition of Instagram to the tool means that marketers have the largest mobile social network in the world, numbering more than four hundred million active users each month.

About SIF Software
The SIF software employs identification of powerful past behaviors, including specific purchases. There are specific demographic details such as employer, job title, school and level of education. More advanced target categories can be utilized, such as those with ultra high income.

The software was developed by Ali G, social media marketer guru. It offers extras such as estimates of the target audience size. It is possible to combine any set of interests, demographics and advanced options.

Further information about the Social Interest Freak marketing tool can be seen at