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Social Media Spells Success for Financial Services Marketing


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Social media marketing is described as a tool for effective communication and reputation management, as well as a potent way to acquire new clients in the financial services industry, according to recent reports outlined in several noted financial journals.

In their recent blog post, 3 Ways to Improve Digital Marketing for Financial Services, Mod Girl Marketing provides an informative analysis of trends in social marketing as they relate to the financial services industry, with ample links to authoritative sources, helping anyone interested in acquiring new clients and achieving a higher rate of customer loyalty, to plan an effective social media strategy.

The New York Times notes that banks using social media to keep communication channels with customers open, are better able to effectively maintain a good reputation amidst crises or accusations. The London-based wealth specialists Scorpio Partnership found that high-net-worth clients under age 50 placed high value on social media for communication with their banks. And a 170-page report from McKinsey Global Institute notes that social marketing increases marketing productivity, boosts the perceived value of the company, and adds 5.2% to revenues. Infographics from Investment News highlight the generational divide in use of social media for those over and under 50 years of age.

The key for companies is not to just use social media, but to use social media effectively. A good digital marketing company can build, maintain and manage an effective social media presence for financial services institutions. Mod Girl Marketing demonstrates three ways that financial services institutions can benefit from effective use of the social media platform for increased customer loyalty, and for acquiring new customers.

Learn about effectively using social media for financial services here.

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