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Social Network Site for Salesman - CloserOrNot.com Launches This Week

CloserOrNot a social network site just for salespeople is looking to offer a website where salesman can engage, learn, act and celebrate with other like-minded individuals.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- B & M Business Ventures, a Jacksonville company, has just launched an online sales community where salesman from around the world can meet, talk and engage with other like-minded individuals about sales tips, sales techniques & sales training.

At first glance CloserOrNot appears to be just another social network site - but if one looks deeper one will clearly see it is not one’s average social network, it is a social network site that caters to salesman, said CloserOrNot’s owner.

CloserOrNot’s owner says the site offers an alternative to the other big name social network sites that don't cater specifically to the sales community. He says they wanted to make a site where salesman could come and be around other like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about selling and are willing to share their sales tips, sales techniques & sales training.

CloserOrNo’s owner was recently quoted as saying “At CloserOrNot you can learn from the successes and failures of other salesman and get rewarded for doing social activities and participating in our sales community, when you accomplish something our community understands & celebrates with you.”

When contacted, CloserOrNot’s owner offered, “I wanted to create an on-line community where salesman can meet and chat about anything sales related. A community of expert and novice closers who list their goals, share their progress, and cheer each other on. A place that will help you become an expert closer by reading articles, blogs & forum post, taking quizzes & reading daily motivational sales quotes, by watching sales videos, listening to motivational mp3's, reading motivational quotes and chatting in chat-rooms or via instant messenger. But we don’t want to stop there you can also find sales events & set personal goals. CloserOrNot offers more than just sales tips, sales techniques & sales training, we offer a community dedicated to salesman.”

CloserOrNot’s owner says they also have a special section for sales companies, sales organizations and sales groups. When asked CloserOrNot’s owner told us - sales organizations & groups can work together on sales training, opportunities & marketing by creating a group or page where they can share sales events, goals, documents, photos, videos & mp3's. He also told us groups can discuss training & closing with others around the world in the same industry or organization with their very own chat-room.

View CloserOrNot’s Website Live Here – http://www.closerornot.com

About B & M Business Ventures LLC,
B & M Business Ventures LLC, (http://www.closerornot.com), based in Jacksonville, FL, is a start-up website that provides sales techniques and sales tips through a social network site for salesman. Their online social network for salesman focuses on sales training, motivation and goal planning.

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