Ebuzzers.com Announces the Launch of a New Social Network

Facebook and Twitter get competition as the new social networking site Ebuzzers.com launches.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2012 -- Ebuzzers.com is excited to announce the launch of Ebuzzers.com a Social Networking Website that will revolutionize Social media interactions. The official launch date for is March 3, 2012. Get the features of all Social Networks at one place without privacy concerns Privacy complaints is the recent rage in the world of Social Network, and the big players are involved in this issue as well.

Nowadays, one has to be careful about the information that they put on various social networking sites, as such sites makes publishing the comments, pictures and information easy. Many of these sites will use your personal information to sell to advertisers.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive site, which takes your privacy concerns seriously and will not expolit your privacy for commercial purposes, then just check out http://ebuzzers.com. Big and small businesses benefits because of these networking sites, as they use the information for their commercial purposes.

This is the reason why Ebuzzers brings a new network in front, which puts together the best features of all the big networks and takes care of the privacy concerns as well. This site keeps you away from problems faced on big social networking sites such as receiving junk mail, disturbing phone calls and there is risk of identity theft as well.

Big names like Facebook and Twitter are also facing privacy concerns and they are under the scanner because of privacy concerns. In such a situation emergence of Ebuzzers.com brings new hope for those, who are looking for a better social networking experience.

Ebuzzers puts together features such as Wall, profiles, favorites and friends. A few of the other features include Instant Messaging, Status Updates, Mini Chat Rooms, Events and Groups, and many more features. Other than the interactive aspect, Ebuzzers also takes care of the commercial aspect. The admin of Ebuzzers.com says, “We enable you to post as well as buy gigs and post classifieds as well. In this way we balance ecommerce with social networking and welcome those who are discontented with larger social networking sites, especially because of privacy concerns.”

When it comes to the online world, blogs, forums, videos, articles, and groups are the rage these days. However, Ebuzzers brings a onetime shop for all these, making the online world even smaller. This Social Network does not cuts anyone off the larger networks, as if someone has a Twitter or Facebook account, then their activities will be directly updated on their Twitter or Facebook profiles and vice versa.

Whether it is creating gigs or posting classifieds, Ebuzzers.com makes all the activities relatively easy. It even puts forward safety tips for avoiding frauds and scams and enjoy the power of social networking without worrying about privacy issues.

“Whether you are searching for chat sites, social networking or forums, we have it all for you, making our site one of its kinds. There is much more in store for everyone, so that one can benefit from both interactive and commercial activities,” adds the admin of Ebuzzers.com.

With the growing concerns of safety of personal information and the risk of identity theft, it is important to take steps to make social networking world more secure and safe for the users. With the surfacing of networks like Ebuzzers, issues like people being censored due to expressing their opinions, people being penalized for having too many followers, and elimination of privacy rights, will be sorted out.

Instead of running from one network to another for using their features, you can now get all that want at Ebuzzers.com.