Social Networking Powerhouse Unveils His Brand New Program for Making Money Online- Record Sales in First two Weeks after Release


Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective ways to make money from home, social networking guru Corey Bruhn is announcing the release of his brand new website which teaches users how to leverage the massive power of Facebook and Twitter to make money online.

According to a recent study, the current state of the economy is forcing a record amount of people to search for effective ways to make money on the internet. Though making extra income from avenues like network marketing is comparatively easy, most people don’t have the experience or know-how to actually make a profit from websites like Facebook and Twitter.

For most first time marketers this is why big dreams often amount to little rewards. But what’s lacking usually isn’t drive or talent; more often than not it is education. According to internet marketer Brian Moats, succeeding on the internet is all about finding the systems that work and throwing out the ones that don’t: “I could start a social networking campaign today that could generate a respectable income in a matter of weeks. But the only reason I can do that is because I have already made all the mistakes, and from experience I know all the right steps to take to make it happen. That’s why I strongly suggest Social Media Money Storm. Corey takes out all the guess work and outlines his proven system for making money quickly and easily. Simply said, this system works.”

In his 37 part video series, which is available for instant download, Corey teaches all the fiercely guarded secrets and proven techniques for making money through Facebook and Twitter including: how to accumulate friends quickly without getting banned, the difference between fan pages and groups and how to grow them, how newsfeeds are quite possibly the most important element to a Facebook campaign, how to add opt-in forms to a Facebook page, how to properly use ad campaigns, how to add badges to a website, how to add a contact form with a captcha image, and how to acquire a vanity URL.

Thus far, those who have received the seminar have been extremely impressed. Justin Erwin, who lost his job in February, comments: “Within a day of receiving this course I was up and running. Within two weeks I had over 700 fans, and within a month I was making money. Today I’m happy to say that Facebook and Twitter are my bread and butter. I couldn’t be happier to finally be making a living from home.”

To learn more about Social Media Money Storm, or just to see what all the hype is about, click here: www.socialmediamoneystorm.comguru Corey Bruhn