Social Path Series: A Rising Star


Riga, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- 'Social Path' Series, a popular web series on IMDb, has emerged as one of the most watched shows on the internet in recent past.

If experts of the fields are to be believed, the major reason behind the increasing popularity is the unique combination of entertainment and aspect of education that it offers to the viewers.

One reviewer states: “Yes they are on a huge success path. Their web-series is more than just entertainment; it educates you on subjects that are in many ways taboo to the general public.”

Another Reviewer states: “Once you start watching the show, you cannot stop. This is one of the most entertaining series on the Web today with an interesting casts including JD Hart and Tommy Barnes who have done over 20 movies collectively. The show is very well crafted and acted series.”

According to tracking, the web series is seen in over 140 Countries across the globe. The site has already generated over 20 million views till now and the number is rising at a blistering pace.

Marc, a Media Reviewer said, “Social Path is a series that is beyond just entertainment, the show talks about real topics.”

The series uses a creative method to tell the truth of what happened in History and what is happening currently, while entertaining the masses at the same time.

The web series has many talented actors including J.D. Hart, John Anthony Davis, Tommy Barnes, Lauren York, Erin Rose Owens, Lynn Bryant and Sheyla Paz Hicks among others. Marc added, “Social Path has some of finest actors on the Web today.”

The site also presents the latest news about the world. Social Path is still on the success path and the expectations are high. Reviewer James Harper states: “The Future looks very bright for this Web series that just gets bigger. Most review sites have rated it with 4 1/2 out of 5, which I believe is impressive.”

He further added, “The sky is the limit for Social Path, with an ever growing audience and a plot line that keeps you sucked in.”

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