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Leaving a Small Environmental Footprint Is Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (MXI Corp.) Social Responsibility

Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (MXI-Corp) has released its corporate social responsibility statement, highlighting its commitment to leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible.


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (MXI-Corp) has released its corporate social responsibility statement, highlighting its commitment to leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible. MXI-Corp demonstrates its corporate social responsibility efforts through its guidelines for several of its practices and operations, including ingredient and business practices and packaging materials. Additionally, the company has posted drop-off locations for Styrofoam to be properly recycled.

“Our corporation implemented this corporate social responsibility initiative because we feel it is the responsibility of everyone—our company, each member of our network and our customers—to reduce their environmental impact,” said Andrew Brooks, founder and executive vice president of MXI-Corp. “Whether it is through ingredient practices, packaging materials or business practices, we can all do one small thing to reduce our footprint.”

Ingredient Practices
MXI-Corp commits to using 100-percent ethically traded cacao and açaí. All cacao used in Xocai products is purchased from small, family-owned and operated farms, where farmers are provided with fair wages and humane working conditions. All açaí used in Xoçai™ products is harvested by local communities from wild, uncultivated area, protected by the rain forest canopy. Additional information on MXI-Corp's commitment to maintaining its ingredient practices is available on the company Website.

Packaging Materials
All MXI-Corp Xoçai™ packaging materials are made with renewable or eco-friendly materials and are triple certified by the three major environmental oversight organizations (Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forest Initiative and Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). Additionally, MXI-Corp pledges that all future Xoçai™ packaging will maintain these certifications.

“As a long-time, founding distributor, the corporate social responsibility statement is really something I can stand behind and promote to my customers and fellow distributors,” said Adam Green, MXI-Corp Ambassador and Multi-Millionaire Member and owner of Winner’s Circle International. “This commitment to leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible is another great part of the Xocai product line.”

Business Practices
As an international corporation, MXI-Corp maintains its socially responsible business practices worldwide. MXI-Corp pledges that no harmful ingredients or genetically modified organisms are used in products. All products are certified by Brunswick Labs, an independent, third-party agency. The company also sets itself apart with its employee profit-sharing program. It prides itself as a network marketing corporation, rather than a retail operation.
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Styrofoam (EPS packaging) drop-off locations
EPS packaging material, which is used in the packaging of many MXI-Corp products, is a recyclable material. To take advantage of EPS recycling facilities in your area, MXI-Corp has included a section on its Website listing locations by state. MXI-Corp encourages all distributors and customers to recycle EPS and any other packaging materials.

The full corporate social responsibility statement can be accessed on MXI-Corp's Website at

About Marketing Xocolate International Corporation
Established in 2005, Marketing Xocolate International Corporation (MXI-Corp) is the world leader in healthy, dark chocolate products. All MXI products are focused on potent doses of delicious, antioxidant-rich Belgian cacao. MXI-Corp believes that the high levels of natural antioxidants that are found in its cacao can provide a viable solution to individual nutritional needs. The Xoçai™(sho-sigh) line, which currently includes nine products, is manufactured utilizing a cold-press process, which preserves the nutritional values of the company’s proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals. Nevada-based MXI-Corp is a privately held company. The Brooks family, owners and operators of MXI-Corp, have total combined chocolate sales of more than $1 billion.
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